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Taha Max Cut Resistant TM 53 - 2

Sub Category : Specialist Gloves
Size : M/8,L/9,XL/10
Color : BLK/BLK,

AED144.00 AED288.00


The TAHA MAX TM53-1 CUT RESISTANT BLACK GLOVES, is a light gauge, high dexterity gloves for high cut resistant applications & an added thumb crotch for reinforced grip and anti-fatigue technology making it much ahead of the accepted market standard.

The NBR coating keeps the palms and the hands ventilated and sweat-free for much longer than other gloves.

All the TAHAMAX gloves are washed and disinfected and ready to use, as well as washable and reusable by the user, However, risk management should be assessed independently by the user for any kind of damage or contamination on the gloves before use.

Color: Black Liner Shell with Black NBR coating

Certifications: CE EN 388

  • Mechanical Risks Abrasion: 4 Cut (coup Test)

  • X Tear: 4

  • Puncture: 3 Cut (TDM-100 Test)

  • F Impact Protection: X

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